Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Running and random pictures

Had to share this first off because I thought it was so funny. Saturday Night Live did a slit on The Real Housewives of Disney. Super funny;)
So...CIM training continues. Last week I ran 12 on Sunday before church. I had just the beginning if a scratchy throat and low and behold I got a cold later that day. I knew something was brewing and was glad I snuck in that long run before it hit. Luckily, it really limited itself to just being congested and only lasted a couple of days. But I was still feeling out of whack this weekend so I only did 10 for my long run ( I was supposed to run 13 but swapped it on my plan). 

So reading all thes blogs with everyone running 18-20 miles already for the CIM is throwing me off. I'm trying to just stick to my plan as this is my first marathon and my goal is simply to finish. I need to remind myself that those fancy schmancy bloggers are super fast and trying to BQ. Soo...I'll just keep to my plan thank you very much.

I started this running nonsense about a year and a half ago. My sister had run a 5K and I thought "well if she can do so can I." I got the Couch To 5K app on my IPhone and started off slowly. So slowly in fact that my husband kept teasing me. The program really starts super easy. Running only for 1 min increments walking 1.5 min for 8 reps. I could have jumped forward but I really just followed the program. 

I had also just purchased an editing app for pictures (Camera +) and so I would often snap pictures during the walk part, run again then edit the picture the next time I walked. Obviously I wasn't pushing myself at all if I could do all that on a "run"!! I'd come home and show my husband and kids my pictures and they would laugh at my little training program. Here are some of the pics during that time:

So maybe I was slacking off! Hehe
I don't take pictures anymore but I think about it all the time. In fact I just saw some new cows down the street I want to get a picture. ;)

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  1. Love the Real Housewives of Disney! That was hilarious. Ok, super jealous of your running routes. They are amazing! And definitely don't worry about other people's plans. On my last plan, my longest runs were 16 miles, and this time I have 5 20-milers. Every plan I've tried so far has been completely different! Just stick to your plan, and you'll be set for race day.