Sunday, January 27, 2013

Taji 100


So I finally signed up for something. 

Remember when I told you about the Chi Running Worksop I went to? Well the coach, Ed Malley, started a newsletter on running tips, events, etc. and in the last email he described the Taji100. 

Basically, in 2010 some troops in Afghanistan challenged themselves to run 100 miles during the month of February. (And it might have been Iraq but can't find it on their website...sorry).

Anyway, when their tour of duty was over they continued the challenge stateside. I think in 2011 they had 12 participants. Last year over 100. 

Now it is gaining in popularity. It is open to anyone and the rules are you can walk, run, jog, hike or elliptical  100 miles in 28 days.  Sign up is $20 donation to Wounded Warriors. You can participate as "non-competitor" for  free. You can also support the cause by either sponsoring or by a simple donation to Wounded Warriors. All miles are tracked through Daily Mile.

T-shirts are for sale for $25. All proceeds above cost go toward WWP. 
We ordered the shirts and we all recieved a pin, magnet, and sticker. 

According to the Wounded Warriors Bouchure beyond the hospital room they provide "Peer Mentoring, Combat Stress Recovery, and Warriors to Work to help serve the long-term needs of our dedicated servicemen and women.From educational opportunities to employment assistance programs."

As a military mama (my son Alex is proudly serving in the Army)  I do have a soft spot in my  heart for our troops that trully give so much  while they serve our country. I feel honored to help in any way possible.

Here is my son  reunited with Lacie and Abilene when he came home from Afghanistan

I'm also so grateful I was able to talk some of my favorite running pals into joining me. Thanks Maribel, Terese, Melissa, Brandi and my husband. 

If you'd  like to join the Taji100 please click on the link. 

(They don't have the sponsoring figured out quite yet but I will keep you posted. )

(PS-please feel free to share this link on any blog, Twitter, and Facebook)

Friday, January 18, 2013

A Year of Overcoming Fear

So, I've been reflecting on this past year and I realized I really did alot! Most importantly I did alot of things that really scared me. Last year was packed full of things things that challenged me and helped me grow, gain confidence and learn that I can do more than I realize.

5K/10K to  benefit Monterey Rape Crisis Center

This is a beautiful course right along the ocean. Super fun race ( my second 5K ) and I loved it!

This was a huge , HUGE deal for me. It was a 2 mile run, 10 mile bike ride, 2 mile run. Training for this caused hip pain in my right hip so by the end it was really bothering me. It was also very intimidating  because a lot of the participants are triathletes training for bigger races.  However,  we did it! Kinda sucked we didn't even get a medal though:)

April-Wildflower Run 5K/10K

I had signed up for the 10K but stepped it down to the 5K due to my hip problem. Doc said it was bursitis/tendonitis and said "no running". To me this translated to cutting back to the 5K. It was super windy that day I I realized that I HATE WIND!!

April - Tierra Bella

This was a bike ride. My first real, organized ride. There was a 60K, 100K, 100 M, 200 K. We did the 100K. It was brutal. I was not as prepared as I would have liked and not confidant at all on my bike. I basically walked up the steepest hill and  the ride took me forever. This was when I realized I really preferred running :/

May -Ranch Romp- 5K mud run

This was quite interesting.  I think it had 13 obstacles and mud pits. This was the first year for this run so it needed some improvements.  The obstacles we clogged, so you had to wait which kinda screwed up the timing. Also, there was not enough water to hose off at the end. Too many people waiting for tiny little sprinklers. We decided not to wait, which meant we were in the parking lot with water bottles trying to clean up. Hopefully this year will be better. ( Not sure if I'll do mud again)

"The 72-mile America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride circumnavigates the highways clockwise around Lake Tahoe in both Nevada and California. It includes a challenging 800 foot climb to a rest stop overlooking Emerald Bay and a 1,000 foot climb to Spooner Junction. There are also many short rolling ascents and descents totaling over 4,000 vertical feet of elevation gain! The altitude ranges between 6,300 feet and 7,100 feet above sea level and the ride is recommended for conditioned recreational bicyclist, not for beginners"

This was probably more terrifying to me than running a marathon. I still was not confident on my bike, still scared of falling on hills. In fact, I did fall. I have a small scar on my left knee. and that was from a fall at Emerald Bay just getting on my bike and trying to clip in. 
It was a beautiful ride, but exhausting and terrifying. Did I mention the part of riding on Hwy 50 with traffic? Thank God my husband booked us double massages right afterwards. 

July- Wharf to Wharf-Santa Cruz

This race was amazing!! So, so much fun. It is 6 miles starting at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and ends at Capitola. It was the biggest race at that point I had been in with 15,000 racers. Very well organized and had tons of music/bands on every corner and lots of spectators  . I will definitely do this race again. I was also so happy my husband ran it with me (and he didn't ditch me-he is much faster than me:)

Great race! my Half PR 2:20 and I loved every second. Click on the link to read my recap.

No picture of this one. This was tough for me. I was hoping for 2:30 because but I had a hard time with my left IT band. When it started hurting I started freaking out because  I was training for CIM so I really didn't want it to set me back. Here's my recap.

November- Big Sur Half

Another great race. So beautiful and right along the water. We expected rain but the sun came out and it was gorgeous.  Not a great race to PR due to a lot of walkers and picture taking opportunities but it was an awesome race. Another race I will do again. I might try to get in a better corral as to get away from the walkers.  Big Sur has such great events and all so well organized. 


And the perfect end of my year was my marathon. it didn't go as planned with the weather and with my shin splints but  it was the perfect end to a year of me overcoming my fears. 

Looking back I can't believe I did so much this past year and I'm excited to see what else I can do. 


Friday, January 11, 2013

I'm Back!!

       Happy New Year!!! It has been a busy couple of weeks with not much running involved so the blogging came to a screeching halt after CIM.  But....I'm back!! Here is December :

After CIM I went to the doc about my shin splints. Not much help. Basically her answer to all my woes is "Don't run". Its been a month and it still bugs me but not as much. I might go back or I might talk myself into seeing an accupuncturist (even though my insurance won't cover it.) . I'll let you know.

I went to Colorado to visit my son and daughter in law and sweet grandbaby. 


My DIL is pregnant and suffering with hyperemesis gravidarum. It is horrible and when I went out there she had lost a lot of weight, had been on IV treatment for weeks and had been hospitalized for 6 days.  And even needed a feeding tube. Poor thing.My son was trying to care for her and their 2 year old and work. It was a mess. I had a wonderful time helping out. Mostly by playing with Abi (my favorite thing thing to do ). But I also got to go to the ultrasound and found out it's another girl!! Yay!! I was there about 5 days and just played, played, played and cooked a little for my son. 

I am happy to report that Lacie is now 20 weeks pregnant, and feeling better. Still has some sickness but not nearly as bad as it was. Her spirits are better now that she is feeling that baby kicking around,too. :)
After Colorado, I came home with a cold that lasted about a week. I didn't feel all that bad, just run down and I sounded awful but I powered was the week before Christmas and we had cookies to make....

and parties to attend.... more of Christmas...

I was very impressed this year because the day after Christmas ( and this NEVER happens) I suggested we take down the tree.  My husband about fell over and immediately started taking things down before I could change my mind. I was so glad we cleared it all out because we were leaving for SoCal!!

First we went to Newport Beach for 3 days just to relax.

And we had to celebrate Rachel's Sweet 16!!

I also went on my last run of the year :)

On New Year's Day we headed over to DISNEYLAND!!

It was the perfect way to start the New Year. 

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I have a lot of goals and plans I have been working on so stay tuned.