Sunday, January 27, 2013

Taji 100


So I finally signed up for something. 

Remember when I told you about the Chi Running Worksop I went to? Well the coach, Ed Malley, started a newsletter on running tips, events, etc. and in the last email he described the Taji100. 

Basically, in 2010 some troops in Afghanistan challenged themselves to run 100 miles during the month of February. (And it might have been Iraq but can't find it on their website...sorry).

Anyway, when their tour of duty was over they continued the challenge stateside. I think in 2011 they had 12 participants. Last year over 100. 

Now it is gaining in popularity. It is open to anyone and the rules are you can walk, run, jog, hike or elliptical  100 miles in 28 days.  Sign up is $20 donation to Wounded Warriors. You can participate as "non-competitor" for  free. You can also support the cause by either sponsoring or by a simple donation to Wounded Warriors. All miles are tracked through Daily Mile.

T-shirts are for sale for $25. All proceeds above cost go toward WWP. 
We ordered the shirts and we all recieved a pin, magnet, and sticker. 

According to the Wounded Warriors Bouchure beyond the hospital room they provide "Peer Mentoring, Combat Stress Recovery, and Warriors to Work to help serve the long-term needs of our dedicated servicemen and women.From educational opportunities to employment assistance programs."

As a military mama (my son Alex is proudly serving in the Army)  I do have a soft spot in my  heart for our troops that trully give so much  while they serve our country. I feel honored to help in any way possible.

Here is my son  reunited with Lacie and Abilene when he came home from Afghanistan

I'm also so grateful I was able to talk some of my favorite running pals into joining me. Thanks Maribel, Terese, Melissa, Brandi and my husband. 

If you'd  like to join the Taji100 please click on the link. 

(They don't have the sponsoring figured out quite yet but I will keep you posted. )

(PS-please feel free to share this link on any blog, Twitter, and Facebook)

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  1. Love, love, love that picture of your son and family. What a cool moment captured forever. Also, that's a really cool idea for fundraising. Note to self to link to this later. Thanks for sharing it!