Monday, October 8, 2012

Long Run and New Music

So this is where I did my long run over the weekend....

I decided to drive out to the boonies to do my 15 miler. I wanted to get this run done on Friday but it didn't happen. I was all dressed in my running gear ALL day and it never happened. How pathetic. Life responsilities got in the way and sucked up every minute. I have Fridays off so I thought that would be the perfect day to schedule the runs but it always turns into the errand/chores day. It is also the day I need to often take my mom on her errands as well. So I had to settle on running on Saturday.

Anyway...back to the run. I had never run 15 miles before. All of these runs now are all new territory for me. Last week my hubby went with me. (So sweet) But he was working and I was on my own.  I started a little later than I wanted so it was about 9 am and 60* when I started. I drove out this country road (not far from where I live) and I drove out 7.5 miles to stash a water bottle. It really was beautiful with rolling hills and some traffic but not too much and wide shoulders. 

It was a nice change from running around my neighborhood which gets boring! Luckily I had just read Yo Momma Runs and her running list inspired me to get some new music. So this is what I listened to on shuffle for the first half:

When I made it to my halfway mark I grabbed my water and took a quick pic to send to my hubby. 

Look! I still alive!

I then switched to an audiobook. Right now I'm listening to this:


So the second half was a bit rougher. It was getting a bit warmer and the hills were really fatiguing my legs. But I think I hydrated well (just got a fuel belt) and I had 2 GUs and several shot blocks. 

Things I learned:
1)Running with a partner for long runs is more fun. I'm trying to get up the nerve to join the local running group.
2) I need to run more hills so I don't dead them as much.
3) start earlier
4) do not answer the phone or text from children on long run. (Keep in mind my children at home are 20, 15 and 8. And the 8 year old wasn't the one calling/texting)

Oh!almost forgot to mention that I did my first snot rocket! Yay me! Felt like I'm a real runner now. ;)

Do you like running alone? Or with a friend? Or a group?
     I just started running with some girlfriend ps on Wednesday evenings. Love it:)
Do you mostly run in big city? Small town? Or country roads?
     Mostly country roads but I think it's fun running in town.
What's in your play list?


  1. I've been listening to "watch what crappens". It's a free pod cast and it's all about Real Housewives shows. Basically three gay guys (I'm assuming) dissect and talk smack about episodes each week.

  2. Thanks for the shout out! Snot rocket definitely equals legit, and it's easier to pull off when you're running solo. One of the perks of running solo. But I would trade it for a group. This year's training with a group has been a million times better than last year. Or a trillion times better. Also, I'm very jealous of your run scenery. Last, do you like that book? Is it funny? I've been thinking of trying it.

  3. The book is good. She is smart and funny. Think I liked Tina Fey's book a little better. I've also listened to Sarah Silverman's book and Chelsea Handler. Funny books and Pandora comedy seem to help ;)