Friday, October 26, 2012

Running, Tahoe and Snow Patrol

I've been so busy lately it's been hard to keep up on this blog business. Where did we leave off? Oh yes... The sixteen miler. How did it go? Fantastic! The week before the fifteen miler killed me. Mentally and physically. This long run was so much better and I think running with friends was soooo much better. Here's how it went down-
We met about 8am on Saturday and did a 7.5 mile loop. There was three of us and it was fun just chatting and laughing. After that first loop "M" left us, and we had a quick potty break and refilled our water. Then "R" and I did the same loop in reverse. She is training for her first ultra and it was great to ask her a bunch of questions about training. She has a lot more experience and it was great to get her advice and get to know her. After our run we had only done 15 and I was wondering about that one last mile to make it to 16. She said not to worry about it and I could just pick up that mile on another run. Hmm...I thought about it on my 10 min drive home and I'm sure you know what I did.  Yep. As soon as I got home I ran one more mile. Lol. I just couldn't let that last mile slip out of my plan. Crazy aren't we?

Last weekend we headed up to Lake Tahoe for my brother in laws wedding. It was beautiful and amazing. My husband and I got married there so it definately has a special place in our heart. Here are a few pics:
The happy couple...aren't they cute? 

Me and my beautiful daughter on the MS Dixie boat ride.

Me and the hubs. 

Leaving Emerald Bay.

Emerald Bay. Gorgeous.

Beautiful wedding.

My husband and I did go for a run but it was only 7 miles. The weekend was full of family and friends so that was the only run we could squeeze in. But it was beautiful and the weather was amazing with lots of sunshine and lots of fall colors. 

On Sunday we spent the day driving home and I was frantically trying to find a babysitter for our little one because we had tickets to.....Snow Patrol in San Jose!! My husband's cousin, Troy Stewart is with the band and this is the second time he's gotten us tickets. So cool. We also get the cool wrist band for the "after show party". Which is basically they take you to a room with some tables and I think most of the people are friends/family of the band and then some of the band show up to visit. This was a Sunday (school/work night) and it was 11:00 and we had a babysitter at home so we couldn't stay very long and missed seeing Troy. But the concert was fantastic and we had an awesome time. Thanks Troy!

 Snow Patrol!!!

Here is Troy and my daughter Katie when we saw him at the Fox Theater in Oakland last spring.

Sorry for the crappy photo but here is Troy on guitar in Oakland as well.

There was also this guy at the show dressed up like a wolf. He was dancing the whole show and taking pictures with everyone. I know it's close to Halloween but I can't imagine dressing up like a wolf. Here he is in front of us chugging a bottle of water. Hydration is very important for runners...and wolves. 

Along with running, Tahoe and Snow Patrol concerts we've also been busy with....

Rachel playing water polo! She is loving it and has been playing on the varsity team as goalie! So proud of her!

Beth celebrated her 9th birthday! Had her party at the local jump house/party place which was perfect...2 hours of fun and no need to clean the house . Win/win.

This weekend I'm signed up to run the Morgan Hill half marathon. Last year it was my first half marathon and I ran it in 2:45. So I'm pretty positive I will beat that time. After I run it my goal is to come home and run 5 more for a total of 18. I'm not going to push it too much in the race because its just going to be part of a longer run but I'd be happy if I can finish it in 2:30. (I PR'd in the Salinas Valley Half at 2:20 but Morgan Hill is a little more hilly. So we'll see). 


  1. Nice Tahoe pictures! I especially love the one with you and Katie!

  2. Wow, water polo is no joke. That is one tough sport. And in that first picture of you and your daughter, I had to look twice to see which one was the daughter. You are both so beautiful, and you are looking more like sisters! And so cool you know someone "with the band." Just that phrase is awesome!