Wednesday, November 28, 2012

CIM Countdown Continues

  Taper crazies continue around here and it's been a bit of a hectic week. My husband is out of town so I've been a single parent all week. I usually don't mind when he goes out of town because its kinda fun and I don't feel the pressure to stress about cooking, etc. But this time I was bummed because I had some short runs planned and I was just overall stressed about CIM.

Speaking of CIM I saw this today and definately freaked out:

Two weeks ago I ran 20 miles and felt great but now I've lost my confidence when my shins started giving me grief.

I got off work early today and decided to go for a quick 3 mile, very easy run just to test out my legs. Mile 1 was fine. No problems. But then my left shin felt super tight. I stopped and tried to just move my foot in circles. First to the right then the left. That seemed to help a little. I pushed on and I can't really tell if its better, the same, or worse. Maybe I'm just freaking myself out. 

On my run I was trying to decide what to do with the shin splints. Should I just continue icing, massaging/pressure points, foam roller, ibuprophening? Or should I see the doc and can she do a cortisone shot for shin splints? Would that help? What about acupuncture? A massage? I have tomorrow to take action on something.

I also wanted to get in a run today because California is finally having some weather. You know if it is on the national news than its something. Today was the first of three storms expected this week. Warnings about flooding, power outages, etc. (usually I take it with a grain of salt because its never that bad...we just aren't used to anything other than sun and occasional sprinkles. ) When I was on my run I definately saw the clouds but luckily no rain. And I got done before the sun went down. Score.

I saw this on Facebook and I laughed so hard. :) 

I wanted to get a shirt with "You just got passed by a Grandma" on the back but my family just rolled their eyes at the idea. This shirt is great though.

Any tips from anyone that's ever had shin splints? Or has known of anyone with shin splints?  

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