Tuesday, November 6, 2012

DIY Barn Workout

  So happy today knowing that when we wake up tomorrow there will be no election ads! 

I've been recovering from my long run on Saturday. As long as I keep moving I feel good but if I sit too long and at night I feel still. Sometimes my hip is sore, sometimes my left IT band,sometimes my hamstrings or quads. I've been using the foam roller and trying to be diligent with it as it seems to really help.

Today after work I wanted to come home and run but I saw this as I was driving home:

I heard it was a controlled burn (which would surprise me because we've been having a heat wave here in California. And I also heard it was a house fire that spread)

It wasn't near my house but the smoke was all billowing toward my town and I heard it was pretty smoky so I decided to do a Crossfit WOD in my barn. We stopped going to Crossfit for several reasons. 1) hard to fit in schedule with more running. 2) too sore after some workouts so it made the runs really hard. And 3) too expensive if we weren't going very much. So here is my barn/gym and my workout.

Here is where I did my pull-ups (I actually did jump ups). See my stool :)

I did my push-ups on these towels. And box jumps on that green box:

My phone was on the hay too the left so I could time my workout.
Here is what I did :
AMRAP  in 10 minutes
5 pull-ups (jump ups)
5 push-ups
10 box jumps
10 squats

I completed 8 rounds with some company watching me.....

Jake the goat. (Blurry because he's quick)

Shotsy our austrailian heeler.

And Beth was riding her pony Splash while I did my workout. We also saw 3 deer walking around while we were out there. 

Planning a 5 mile run tomorrow with my friends after work. I've really been enjoying running in town with the girls because there's so much to see in town. I've been so bored out here in the country seeing the same route. 

25 days til CIM!!!!

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