Sunday, March 10, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

 So I decided to run my age on my birthday like all the cool runners do. I just had to add a decimal point in there ;)

There was no way in hell I could do 4.6 was a nice little compromise. 
I actually ran with my husband and while he allowed me to stop the Garmin at 4.6 (for blogging purposes) he made me keep running to complete 5. He is a very strict coach. 

So let me fill you in on all the birthday details. I celebrated first on Wednesday at one office I work at and went to lunch with everyone. And then again on Thursday at my other office. There I got lunch and a new Coach purse! (It's our little tradition- everyone gets a new purse for their birthdays-love it!!)

On Friday- (my "real" birthday) I had the day off work and celebrated with the family.

Errands with Kid#3:

Cake made by Kid #2-completely made by scratch -no mixes!! The frosting had 3 
sticks of butter-yikes! But it was phenomenal!

After dinner with Kid#2 :

The next morning my husband and I headed for San Jose for the rest of the celebrating. 

We had a bunch of gift cards so we headed for the mall. If you know me at all you know I HATE shopping.   I hate looking, I hate trying stuff on, I hate all of it.  I had recently cleaned out my closet and it was really pathetic. Like only bare bones essentials in there  (which means scrubs and running gear ). 
My purchases were not very exciting and I'm afraid it did little to fill my closet but it was a start.  I think I bought 2 shirts and a pair of shoes for work. Eh. I guess I'll have to go back out again. 

Anyway, after the jaunt to the mall we headed over to  Burke Williams Day Spa for my 2:00 massage. Whoop!!! That's right....a little pampering was just what I needed to recover from all that shopping.

I love a good deep tissue massage. I love when they ask how the pressure is and I say fine...then they keep telling me to make sure I let them know if its too much. Ha! I will never cry uncle...ever. I may whimper, flinch, even cry, but I will never give in. I loved every second of it. 

I then walked over to  the Hotel Valencia right next door where the hubs had already checked us in and before his massage. 

Here's some pics of the room:

The view is out onto the patio where they have the bar to the left and restaurant to the right. Last time I stayed here for a girls weekend we watched a wedding out there. Very pretty.

Then it was time to get ready for dinner. We had 4 other couples joining us at 
Maggianos for dinner. 

I wore my new birthday shoes from my daughter:

(We took more pics of the group but I don't know if they all want to be plastered on the blog so you just get me and the hubs;)

We had the absolute best time. It was a great evening filled with great friends, good food and alot of laughter. Feeling very blessed to be surrounded by such great friends. 

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