Friday, March 1, 2013

Taji 100 -DONE!!

 Yesterday I completed the Taji 100. Basically, the challenge was to run/walk/elliptical 100 miles in the 28 days of February. It was a $20 donation to the Wounded Warrior Project and logging the miles with Daily Mile. 

First of all, I was so impressed with the incredible runners that logged more than 300 miles in the month. Very impressive. I am still such a novice runner that I am in awe when people are logging in 20-30 mile training runs. I muddled through the challenge with many miles of walking.  

Five days of the month I was sick so that left 23 to run/walk the miles. On Mondays andTuesdays  it is always harder for me to work out. My schedule is packed on those days with work and kids so I ended up walking 2 miles on my lunch hour those day. Thanks to my co-workers that (usaully) happily joined me. It was also a catalyst for them and they have started working out more. And one of their husbands has started working out as well. Interesting dominoe effect.  :)

So yesterday I needed to run 9 miles to finish the challenge. I was going to run some on Wednesday after work but watching a movie with my huscand won and I saved it all for the last day.  I had been picturing the month as a progessvie increase in miles and hoped that I would be up to 10 runs at the end but I never really increased passed 5 miles. So needing to run 9 was a bit of a jump for me. 

I talked my husband into joining me . Thank God because I love trail runs but I'm so scared of seeing a mountain lion that I love having him with me;)

We went to Coyote Lake-Harvey Bear County Park in south Santa Clara County. The weather here has been gorgeous with the highs in upper 60's to low 70's and I was really looking forward to going with the hills all green and beautiful. This park is 4500 acres with 35 mile miles of trails. It has a lake and camping. The trails are for hiking, bikes and horses. Very nice facilities. This is also where our local running club South Valley Running Club  runs on Saturday mornings. (I am not a member but I'm hoping to join this year----really! I am!)

So we dropped the little one off at school and hit the trails.

Coyote Lake

beautiful views of  the valley.

nice trails 

If you've never been to Northern California-most of it looks like this. Rolling hills with Oak trees. SoCal  has the palm trees :)

And here is my husband who always patiently waits for my slow ass to catch up with him. I 'm usually about a quarter of a mile behind him until I hear  something rustle in the bushes , get scared of a  possible mountain lion and then hurry up to catch up...where I find him standing like this waiting for me. ( And extra points to him for not rolling his eyes when I'm taking pictures. )

Had to wear my Taji shirt to finish!

Of course, after we were done we were starving and had to refuel  (and celebrate) with some tacos and beer:)

We ended up with 11 miles. 102 miles total for me for the month. I was pretty proud to jump in mileage at the end. My hip has been hurting lately and I was pretty sore at the end but today I feel pretty good. Now I am really motivated to sign up for a half . I also really , really need to work on cross training and strength training, in addition to the exercises the PT had given me for my hip. 

The Taji 100 was a really great experience for me. I will fill you in on the final stats when they send them out next week. It really helped me to stay on task and be consistent. I really learned to just fit in any miles I could at any spare time I found in my schedule. It reminds me that if it's important to us we will find the time for it. 

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  1. Very cool! Great job putting in your hardest day on the last day! And pulling it off! Those trails look like they should be in a Lord of the Rings movie. Gorgeous!