Friday, March 15, 2013

Signed up for.......CIM!!!!!

 Well.....I did it. 
I signed up for my second marathon!!!! Not only that, but I talked my husband into signing up, too. I also have a couple of friends I'm working on (Maribel, Terese! I'm talking about you guys!) 

The whole time I was running CIM in December I knew I would try again. It was such a fiasco with the weather and my shin splints (you can read about it here). I knew I had to do it again. 

So that's the big news.   

I've also really been working on my diet this week. I'd like to lose 10 pounds. I have tried to not weigh myself much this past year for several reasons.  I found I was obsessing over my weight too much. The number itself was becoming too big of a deal. And last year I was doing Crossfit so I really just wanted to get fit. Toned. Awesome. Well....I didn't get that awesome so now I want to lose a few.  I'm kinda sick of just doing things half-assed so I'm putting it out there that this is my goal. 

So far this week went well. Monday and Tuesday I walked on my lunch hour with co workers 2 miles each day.   On Thursday I went on a great 4.5 mile trail run with the hubs, it was gorgeous!

It ended up being hotter than I would have liked. It was upper 70's when we left. And I should have brought some water. We had never been out here before and it was beautiful. Especially now with the hills all green. Enjoy these pictures now because this summer my California shots will be all brown and dry. 

Thursday evening I went to the gym for Pilates. She added some light weights and  it kinda tweaked my shoulder a bit. I got up at midnight for some frozen peas and Ibuprophen. Feels a little better this morning. 

Sunday morning I am running She.Is.Beautiful Pinkest 5k & 10 K

I will be running the 10K with my running buddy, Maribel. This is a girl only race. It benefits a local charity Walnut Avenue Women's Center which helps women with domestic violence counseling. 
The race is in Santa Cruz and the weather has been awesome so I'm looking forward to running along the water. They encourage the whole "wear pink, etc"but I was hoping to wear my Green CIM shirt.. Oh it is. 
(Seems weird not to wear green on St. Paddy's day)

I've also been working on my diet. Ugh. The dreaded diet. Last year I heard about the Paleo Diet for the first time and to be honest I just hated the idea. Seemed just like Atkins. Also wasn't too found of giving up all grains, and beans, etc. I hated the name as well. Gads....who wants to eat like a caveman? Anyway.. Now I see the benefit of giving up some gluten. I will probably never give up my morning cereal (with...yes...real cowsmilk! ) 
So this week I started cutting back on the gluten and cutting out the sweets. So far I'm ok. A little grumpy. And I noticed a headache at the start of the week. 
More on the dietary changes on a future post. Still trying to figure it all out. And to be honest I still struggle.Every. Day. 

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