Friday, August 24, 2012

Lunch at The Milias Restaurant

So my husband and I changed our plans and went our for lunch instead of a run. Great way to fit in a date while the kids are at school. So I think I will just rest up today and run tomorrow.

We headed to Gilroy, a neighboring town for errands and decided on a restaurant that reopened about a year ago under new ownership and beautifully redecorated. It's now called the Milias Restaurant. It has is decorated with antiques and historical pictures of Gilroy throughout the restaurant. 

On the upper left side of the picture you can partially see a projector and they were playing an old black and white movie with no sound on but it was a nice touch. 

In this picture you can see the movie. Below it are wine boxes with family or business names...pretty cool. And then some antique theater seats.

We started with some clam chowder and it was delicious. I love clam chowder when it is freshly made.

I had the Pear, Apple and Gorgonzola Salad. It was very good and had the best candied pecans and the perfect amount of dressing. And don't you think it is beautiful? 

My husband ordered the Rueben Sandwich . I did steal a bite of his and it was heavenly as well. 

When the bill came it came in this antique book. There is another local restaurant that we've seen this done and I think it's very cute. This one had a bunch of signatures and compliments . Fun idea.

Before we left we were checking out some old pictures and maps on the wall when the owner, Adam Sanchez came up and told us all about the remodel, acquiring the photos and maps and antiques. What a great job they have done.  He told us all the history of the building and it was really interesting. Love when old historic buildings get restored and when they end up with great food and great service it's the perfect combination.

Well, that was our lunch date. If you ever find yourself in Gilroy you must try the Milias Restaurant. 


  1. Yay! Good job on your blog. Looking forward to reading it.

  2. What a cool place! I like the silent film idea. You can never heat TVs when they are on in restaurants anyway. And whoa fancy salad. Almost too cool to eat -- almost.

    1. The salad was gorgeous wasn't it? Wish my presentations were so beautiful.