Friday, August 24, 2012

Minestrone Soup and a day off

Hooray for the weekend! I always have Fridays off and right now my husband has Fridays off as well so we are off to run errands in a few minutes. But my amazing daughter, Katie helped me figure out this new blogging app on my iPad so I wanted to get this post up before I forget how to do it.  

                         (Here is a picture of my daughter/tech support, Katie.)

The other day before work I threw together our favorite Minestrone Soup in the crock pot. This recipe is super easy, delicious and full of veggies. The only thing I change is to add some hot pepper flakes and usually add fresh green beans.

It is especially good with fresh shaved Parmesean cheese on top and some French Bread. Yumm. 

Workout Wednesday: ran 3.5 with my daughter on her bike. Wanted to run 5 but she had        just finished water polo and said her shoulders hurt. I should have kept going but I didn't. Oh well. 

Workout Thursday: Crossfit before work. It was a weight lifting WOD (workout of the day). Overhead squats, front squats and back squats. Ugh. My legs are feeling it today. 
The overhead squats are the toughest and I think I did 45#. The front squats hurt my wrists but I did 65# and I love back squats.  I did 85#.

My husband wants to go for a trail run this morning and crossfit tonight. I'm not too sure because I'm so sore and think I need a rest day. I really need to run 10 miles this weekend. Maybe I'll run 4 miles this morning and 6 tonight when he does Crossfit. I'll let you know how it works out. 

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