Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to work/school

After a fun weekend we were back to the ol grindstone yesterday. My husbands actually feeling pretty good. That or he's faking it :) 
My kids are in the second week of school which means.....homework! 

These are my 2 youngest. Beth is in second grade and Rachel is a sophomore in high school. Rachel just got in the water polo team and is exhausted everyday but she loves it. She is new to the sport and I am do proud she is really pushing herself. I would NEVER have done anything like that I high school. I was the kid that brought a forged note it I had a hangmail so I didn't have to do PE. 

Anyway, now that my husbands triathlon is over I need to get moving on this marathon training. Saturday I ran the 8 miles while he was on his bike. 

Workout Monday: ran easy 3 after work while Rachel rode her bike . Loved it. 

Workout Tuesday: Crossfit @5:30 am
                                Strength: shoulder press 3-3-3-3-3   I'm weak so I only did 45#
                                 Then for time:  10 rounds :
                       5 pull ups (I used a band)
           10 pushups ( I do girl pushups)
            15 double unders ( I had to do 30 singles)
Sheesh....I sound so wimpy! I just started crossfit in January and if I'm training for something it gets put on the back burner if I need to get more running in. I'm trying to commit to 2x/week while I train for this marathon. I also don't push myself too hard for 2 reasons....1) I'm afraid I'll get hurt and 2) if I get too sore than it makes my runs a nightmare. Some sore is good but there's a fine line ;)

Well, it's getting late so I better hit the sack. I'm planning to get a Minestrone Soup in the Crock Pot before work tomorrow. 

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