Friday, August 31, 2012

Weekend in Seattle

Sooo....since I last posted: I went on a run the other night with my husband. He is so awesome because he had gone to Crossfit and was super sore and was still willing to go on a run with me. Score:)
 We just did an easy 3 miles because we had just eaten (leftover quinoa stuffed peppers) - not a good idea right before a run. Ick. 
While we ran we saw the neighbors had a new friend:

I love running with my hubby-he makes me go faster than I normally would,he talks and keeps me company, and I feel safe as it gets darker. The I only problem is he insists that it counts as "date night" simply because it's time together. Not a date. Nice...yes. But def not a date. 
He was also wonderful because he put together a marathon plan for me. He loosely based it on a plan he used last year while training for his marathon and he knew I had been meaning to write out a plan. So now it is all roughly written done. On paper. Documented. Now I just need to run! And run! And run!

Today my mom and I flew to Washington so she could meet her new great grand baby. 

Here she is waiting for the plane :) She looks happy here but she was ready to call off the trip a few hours before. You see my mom has Dementia/ Alzheimer's and boy I didn't realize how this would stress her out. (and stress meout) Just packing her bags was too much. Anyway, I helped her pack and coaxed her not to cancel the trip. She hadn't seen my sister in a year and really would like to see the new baby.  I was so nervous it would turn bad at any second. But so far, so good! I've just been right there all the time and cheerful. 

On the flight over Northern California we saw some of the smoke from the fires they've been having there. And as we got closer to Washington we saw such beauty...

I told my sister that every time I visit it is 72* and spectacular! Love it!

Tomorrow I have a 10 mile run that I thought I would run outside. Love to see new scenery and all. Then I saw the hills around here. Never mind. Think I'll just do the hotel treadmill and get it over with so we can enjoy the day. ;)

Random people watching at the airport: flight attendant chewing gum and drinking a Starbucks. Yuck. Reminded me of the movie Sideways where he was chewing gum and wine tasting. Ew. 

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  1. Have fun on your trip! Maybe you can do a shorter run outside later. 10 miles on hills would not be fun. Even in 72.