Monday, November 26, 2012

CIM Countdown (Taper Crazies)

  Six days til CIM and I am officially freaking out. 

I did the Big Sur Half  (+7) for my last long run last week. I rested Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday I ran 5 and was glad I did. Like always, the first run after a long run sucked. My legs felt heavy and I was slow. But at the end I was glad I went and felt good. Thursday I pigged out and felt like I gained 10 pounds. On Saturday I went for another run. I wanted to run 10 but holy moly I felt like crap. My calves felt tight and my shins were killing me. So I hobbled along and ran 3.5 then I talked my nine year old into walking 2 with me and the puppy. (She moaned and complaining the first mile ....grr) I felt so discouraged. What was wrong with my legs?!?!?  I spent time diagnosing myself (thank you World Wide Web) and now I think I have shin splints. I have been icing, stretching, massaging, ibuprophening and foam rollering. 

I found some great You Tube videos with pressure points, stretches, etc. and I'm hoping it gets better quick. I wanted to run today just to see how it felt but now it's looking like tomorrow will work out better. Which is probably better because my left leg still feels sooo tight. The massage and foam roller seem to work the best. 

I'm also freaking out about the weather. As I sit here enjoying our 70 degree weather I'm also checking the weather for this weekend and apparently a big wet, windy storm is coming. Yikes. I don't run in bad weather. Not wind. Not rain. I even try to avoid over 70 or below 50. I'm a big weather wimp for sure and have no idea what to wear for the marathon. Maybe shorts, short sleeves with arm warmers. Still can't decide on which shoes to wear. My well worn tried and true Brooks? Newer Saucony? New Newtons? I'm leaning toward to Brooks especially dealing with my shin issue now I think that might be the best bet. 

As I mentioned above I feel like I've gained at least 5pounds. That certainly can't be good for a marathon so now that all the leftovers are gone I'm going to really watch what I eat this week. I'm also trying to drink a ton of water. 

So there it is. I've looked forward to this for so long. I've visualized each and every mile marker. My long runs have mostly gone ok. Argh!!!!!! Tapering stinks!!!

(Sorry for all the complaining. I will add some pictures to cheer up this post some:)

So pretty. This is down the street from my house. 

My yard. The apricot trees look beautiful this year. 
Here's another :

Neighbor's vineyard that I was messing around with the editing...

And here's me (in the midst of crazy tapering):


  1. Your yard is amazing! I love it! And I always, always get taper crazies. And feel like I ate like crap and that perhaps my body will never get over it before the race. The water will help.:) Can't wait to see how you do at CIM!

    1. Thanks thanks Yo Mamma! This is my first big taper and didn't think it would be like this. Last week I was so not so much.