Friday, November 16, 2012

The Day my Work Burned Down

  This week has been a weird one for sure. Let start with fitness. I did another DIY Crossfit workout  after work on Tuesday.  It was simple Dirty Thirty.
30 of each:
Box jumps
Chair dips

I broke them up into tens and did three sets. It was a good little work out. I also did a 1 minute plank. 

Wednesday morning I went for a five mile run before work. But when I came rushing in the door about to go racing around getting ready for work my husband tells me there's no need to rush. I look at him crazy like of course I need to rush don't you see the time. He smiles and says no, no work today. I'm a dental hygienist so I think hmm, did all of my patients randomly cancel all on the same day?  My husband says no, no work today and maybe not for awhile. What?!?! Am I fired? Did something happen?!?! Then he tells me the phone has been going crazy and my job burned down!!!! Holy moly! Yep. It sure did. 

So we drove over to see it. 

Hard to see the damage but its pretty much gone. Everything destroyed. We didn't get too close because they had it all taped and waiting for fire investigators. 
So I found myself with the day off and my mind swirling with questions. Now, as a dental hygienist I work at two offices. So this office I only worked at 6 days a month, every Wednesday and every other Thursday. So I do have work at another office too. This is bad and it will hurt our monthly income for sure but thankfully I do have another income source. 
Luckily no one was hurt. This fire started in the middle of the night and no one was there. It was limited to one building in the office complex but it affected three different offices all connected in this building. So alot of employees out of work right before the holidays. Yikes. We are looking for temporary space to work in until it can be rebuilt. 
Here's a funny little story. So when we first heard about the fire and the whole family is in the kitchen scrambling around to get the kids off to school my nine year old daughter hears about the fire and says "Oh no Mommy! What are you going to be now?"  Not missing a beat I say, "Mommy's gonna be an astronaut!!"   She seems quite happy with my career change. ;)

So the week has been a bit strange. Here's the rest if my week in random ramblings:

-my husband has been sick so I've been avoiding him like the plague. Then I got a sore throat and was cursing him all week knowing I was going to get sick. Starting taking Airborne which I believe to just be a placebo but it worked! Sure throat gone and no other symptoms. Yay! But now the 9 year old is sniffling. Ugh

- the rain has started and I wish we had a treadmill. Still need to get my miles in but dread trekking thru the rain. Now that income is not as it was I can't really justify joining a gym . 

-My church is having a Hoilday Boutique tomorrow and I volunteered to bake 6 loaves of pumpkin bread to sell at the bake sale. So lots of baking this afternoon. 

-Tomorrow I'm heading over to Monterey to the Big Sur Half Expo to pick up my bib. Looks like rain for Sunday's race and after the race I plan on running 7 more. That will be my last long run before CIM. I really need to find a treadmill if its raining. Maybe I can get a guest pass for the gym .

Well, I think that about sums up my week. 


  1. You can use my treadmill whenever you want!

  2. Thanks Melissa! I might take you up in that offer ;)